Favorite Ingredient Friday: Coconut!

Welcome to Favorite Ingredient Friday! We’d like to introduce this day as an opportunity to feature a new ingredient each week and the reasons we love it!coconut

This week’s favorite ingredient? None other than the magnificent Coconut!

Coconut is SO versatile, delicious, and healthy! Need we say more??

  • The water from the young, green coconut, as I’m sure you’ve heard, is great for hydration after light or moderate exercise as it is packed with potassium (a more substantial rehydration beverage is needed after intense or extended workouts).
  • Coconut milk comes from the mature (brown in color) coconut. Its great in baking, making sauces, smoothies, and dairy free desserts or yogurt!
  • Coconut oil, extracted from the meat of the coconut, is great for use in food and for use in your body/beauty care! This oil is great for cooking, as it is quite heat stable. It is a wonderful moisturizer and can be used to make soap too!
  • Coconut meat is delicious and mainly used in cooking.

Why We Love It

“An amazing element of the coconut is the oil. Coconut oil is unbelievably versatile and can be used for hair, skin, kidney and heart health, metabolism, weight loss, cholesterol, and so much more. There are also many ways to use it. I love to cook with coconut oil such as for scrambled eggs in the morning, or using it on toast (instead of artery clogging butter). Coconut oil is also great to use in smoothies, drizzled on salad, baking,…just about anything you use with plain old vegetable oil! I also use this special oil on my hair to add softness, and as a body moisturizer. The benefits and uses of coconut oil seem limitless. How do you use coconut oil?”

– Nalani

“I’m not a big coffee drinker but when I do indulge, I like to add So Delicious Coffee Creamer, it’s low in sugar but tastes amazing! I love that I can get that rich creamy taste without all the calories. I also love using coconut oil in my hair to nourish and hydrate my curls! Be careful with coconut oil on your face though, it has a tendency to clog your pores. I haven’t had any problems using it as a moisturizer on my body though!”

– Zeena

“I am in love with So Delicious‘ line of coconut products. Their unsweetened coconut milk and plain coconut yogurt are my absolute favorite! They are just sweet enough without adding too much sugar to my diet and are a perfect replacement for dairy products which tend to irritate my stomach. I love to use coconut milk in my smoothies and protein shakes!”

– Letisha

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