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Professional Looking Pedicure at Home!

By February 26, 2013Beauty, Home, Nail Care

I’m going to cut right to the chase…

I hate going to the nail salon and spending a ton of money on a pedicure. Getting your toes done just a few times a month can really add up. I’m all for splurging every once in a while to pamper yourself, but I refuse to regularly spend money on a pedicure that can easily be done at home!

No lie, people ask me where I get my toes done all the time and are surprised when I tell them I do them myself — Further proof that you don’t have to spend money on pedicures to have great looking feet! If you invest in some quality nail tools, you’ll end up saving tons of money in the long run!

Anyway, Here’s my regimen 🙂

What I use:tools2

  • Pumice Stone: Removes dead skin from the heels and balls of feet
  • Nail Brush: Helps sweep away any debris after filing and clipping
  • Cuticle Clippers: Removes excess skin from the cuticle
  • V-Blade Cuticle Knife: Removes excess cuticle growth while pushing back cuticle
  • Cuticle Scraper: Removes cuticle that has grown onto the nail
  • Nail Clippers: Cuts the nail
  • Nail File: Shapes and smoothes the nail

You’ll also need…

  • Nail polish removerphoto 2
  • Cuticle Remover
  • Nail Polish Color (if you’d like)
  • Clear Base/Top Coat
  • Toe Separators
  • Cotton Balls/Pads
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Foot Lotion or any Thick Moisturizer
  • Basin to soak feet
  • Bath salts
  • Warm water

Here’s what to do:

Fill foot basin with warm water and add bath salts. Remove any polish from toes with nail polish remover and cotton ball/pad. Take nail clippers and trim nails to desired length, then use nail file to shape and smooth the nail.

Now, place feet in basin and soak for at least 10 minutes (longer if you feel like relaxing!).

TIP: Trimming and filing before soaking feet prevents fraying of the nail.nails

Take one foot out of basin and dab any water off. Add cuticle remover to each cuticle on that foot and take cuticle scraper to remove any excess cuticle from the toenail. Grab v-blade cuticle knife and run along cuticles to further clean the cuticle. Use cuticle clippers after this to clean up any spots you missed. Be careful with the cuticle clippers as it is very easy to cut yourself and over-clip your cuticles causing you to bleed.

TIP: Be gentle with your cuticles, you don’t want to cut yourself and risk infection. ALWAYS be sure you are working with clean tools.

Place foot back in basin to rinse off excess cuticle remover. Let this foot soak again. Take out other foot and repeat the same steps. Place second foot back in the basin to re-soak, and take first foot out again, towel it off and grab pumice stone to exfoliate heels & balls of feet until smooth. Then, take nail brush and scrub toes/nails to remove any final debris. Do the same to the other foot. Rinse both feet again and towel off. (Done with the water now.)

Next, apply cuticle oil to cuticles and massage thoroughly. Then, apply foot moisturizer and lather into feet. Feel free to give yourself a little foot massage if you want! 😉

Remove any excess oil from the nail and prep for the nail polish by taking a cotton Feetball/pad moistened with nail polish remover and running it over each toe nail. Try not to remove the cuticle oil from your actual cuticle.

If you’ll be painting your toes, grab toe separators and put them on. First apply base coat and let dry. Then apply nail polish color, as many coats until desired color is achieved. Be sure to let each coat dry before applying the next. When your done. Apply top coat and let dry. If you’re in a rush, take a can of spray oil ( I use Pam) and spray directly onto toenails. The chemical reaction between the oil and the nail polish speeds drying time.

TIP: Apply nail polish with clean strokes, making sure you don’t go over the same area repeatedly in an attempt to cover the entire nail in one coat, this will cause the nail polish to bubble and look chunky/sloppy. Be patient, wait until that coat is dry, then add another if you need to.

ALL DONE! 🙂 Give yourself a treat and try doing your own pedicure at home!

– Letisha

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