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Tips for a Perfect Manicure

By January 30, 2013Beauty, Home, Nail Care

Taking care of my own nails at home is fun and a great way to save money! Here are my top 7 tips for a perfect at home manicure:

1. Look for an acetone-free polish remover. Although it may remove the nail polish faster, the acetone can dry out the nails and cause breakage.


2. Soak nails in lemon water. I like to do this to help remove dead skin around the nails and to help strengthen them. The lemon juice also helps rid nails of yellow stains and gives them a bit of shine. Once a week I soak my bare nails in warm lemon water for about 5 minutes.

3. Invest in a great cuticle remover! This will remove any dead skin around the nail. My favorite is Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover. I leave it on for about 30 seconds and use a nail file to remove any dead skin. I find that lemon juice works well too. Simply rub the lemon around the nail, let it sit for 30 seconds, and remove the dead skin with the nail file. This may be repeated a few times for the desired look.

4. Rub nails and cuticle with oil. Moisturizing nails is especially important after removing nail polish and using nail polish remover. One of my favorite cuticle oils is Borghese Rejuvenata Cuticle Oil. I also use warm olive oil and find that this works just as well. If your nails are prone to splitting, try moisturizing them multiple times throughout the day, concentrating on rubbing the oils into each nail bed and cuticle. I also love using Avon’s Vitamin C cuticle gel before bed for extra moisture!

5. Use glass nail files. Glass nail files are much more gentle on nails then metal ones. Glass files have a much smoother surface therefore reducing the amount of splitting that may come from using a metal file. I picked one up at Sephora between $5-$8. They are a bit pricy but they last forever and are so gentle on the nails.

6. Buy a good base coat. I find that when I use a base coat my polish lasts longer and my nails are stronger! A great base coat is Sally Hansen’s Triple Strong Nail Fortifier. Within 2 weeks of use, my nails were so much stronger!Image

7. To finish off any manicure, exfoliate your hands! A great homemade exfoliator is olive oil, honey, and sugar. Rubbing this mixture into your hands removes dead skin while the olive oil moisturizes. For added moisture, add other ingredients like Vitamin E oil, castor oil, and essential oils. After a few minutes of rubbing, rinse hands and dry! Your hands will be so soft!

After a manicure like this your hands will most definitely feel pampered!

Try out my tips for a perfect manicure then come back and let me know what you think! Enjoy!

– Zeena

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