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Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands!

By January 29, 2013Beauty, Home, Skin Care

Hand washing is an important part of good health. A regularly washing your hands reduces the chance of illness. Unfortunately, like many products on the market, hand soaps are often filled with parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and many other harsh chemicals.  Another issue with hand soap is the cost. Companies know they can sell these hand soaps at a higher price because hand washing is essential to everyday living and consumers like categories (i.e. Hand soap for hand washing, even though technically they could use their shampoo as their soap!)

So what’s the solution? Make your own soap! It’s super easy and will save you money and avoid nasty chemicals.

Check out my homemade soap recipe below!

– Nalani


  • 1 Bar of Soap (with natural ingredients)
  • 8 cups Purified Water
  • Essentials Oils


Grate 1 bar of soap onto a dish and set aside.


In a large pot, boil 8 cups of water. Once boiling, add in grated soap and stir until smooth (about 15 minutes).


Remove pot from heat and cover. Allow soap mixture to sit overnight.

The next day, add 5 drops of your favorite essential oils and stir. If consistency is too thick then add more purified water.

Pour mixture into clean storage container. Refrigerate until use.

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