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Winter Care for Your Hair

By January 20, 2013Beauty, Hair Care, Home

Maintaining natural hair during the cold weather months can really become frustrating especially when our much needed accessories like hats and scarves can be detrimental for our hair! Here are a Winter profilefew of my favorite Do’s and Dont’s for maintaining my natural hair in the winter while staying warm…


Moisturize hair every day! (Well, at least a few times a week). This can be as simple as using an oil based moisturizer or leave in conditioner. I prefer to use a moisturizing leave in like Kinky Curly or Giovanni Direct Leave-in everyday to maintain moisture. I like to spritz some water on my hands before adding any leave in creams which makes it easier for me to  work it into my hair.


Blow dry hair everyday. Although this is the easiet route to avoid leaving the house with wet hair in the winter it can be really trying on curly hair that is already prone to breakage. The heat from the blow dryer only damages the hair and may result in unwanted frizz. This combined with the cold weather will only reake havoc! I find that doing my hair first thing in the morning gives it sometime to dry before I leave.


Use protective styles! Protective styles are wonderful because they allow you to protect your hair and have a cute hairstyle! I love wearing my hair out but the thought of it breaking from the cold air kills me! Protective styles are great for locking in that moisture and protecting your ends from any breakage! Some great styles I use daily are buns, twists, and braids.


Leave the house with wet hair! This step may seem ridiculous but it’s so very important! I try to get my hair ready the night before so it’s partially dry in the morning. If your wet hair is continuously being frozen every morning you step out of the door, you can only imagine the breakage that will result! If you must absolutely leave with wet hair, make sure it is wrapped up with a satin scarf and kept warm by a cozy winter hat!


Wear a satin bonnet underneath winter hats. This will not only prevent your hair from frizzing because of the hat but will also prevent your hair from breaking as a result of the friction. I also try to only wear winter scarves if my hair is up. This will prevent the ends of my hair from rubbing against the scarf causing breakage. But if the weather is just too cold, I drape a satin scarf over the back of my winter scarf to protect my ends. This seems tedious but my hair always thanks me at the end of the day!


Deep condition as often as possible! My hair loves a great protein deep conditioner. I love using Giovanni’s Nutra fix, especially since it has great slip and smells delicious! I deep condition every Sunday and my hair always feels so moisturized after! During the week I love doing oil treatments on my scalp and ends to add some moisture before shampooing. The cold winter air can really suck the moisture out of my hair so the deep conditioners are very important.

Following at least a few of these steps during the winter will really save your hair from unnecessary damage and breakage! Hope you all enjoy these tips! 🙂

– Zeena

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