9 Air Cleaning Plants You Need for Your Home


We live in a toxic world, plain and simple. From car exhaust to second-hand smoke, there is hardly a moment where our lungs are free from harmful pollutants. Even in our homes we subject ourselves to the harshest of chemicals. Most of us probably use 3 or 4 chemical cleansers to rid kitchen and bathrooms of their major “yuck” factors. Then there’s the paint, air

Vote for the Next Fitness Star!

Next fitness star

Women’s Health Magazine has been on the hunt for the next women’s fitness star. Out of thousands of applicants, 5 of the strongest, most inspirational women have been chosen as finalists. Brown & Coconut had the chance to interview one of the contestants, Rachel Nicks, to learn a little more about her, her experience so far in the competition, and some of her tips and

All Natural, Fashionable Wooden Watches by Jord

wood watch

Allow us to introduce you to Jord. Jord (Swedish for earth, soil, land) watches are fashionable, modern, sustainable, and efficient watches derived from wood, making these watches distinctive, and finely crafted timepieces. Jord’s collections feature men and women’s watches made from a variety of woods such as zebrawood, cherry, maple, and bamboo, just to name a few. Check out yours truly featuring the fabulous Jord Watch,

Got Tummy Troubles? Learn to Cure Digestive Issues with Food

listen to your gut

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the author of the new book Your Solution to a Healthy Gut, by Kimberly Tessmer, RDN, LD. The book discusses common digestive issues (which I’m sure we can all relate to) and ways cure digestive issues with food. Check out our interview below to learn more about Kimberly Tessmer and her new book!   Our Interview with Kimberly Tessmer, author of Your Solution

10 Reasons Every Woman Should Try Reusable Pads


Reusable pads. Yes, I said it. These two words don’t always go hand in hand. Why would anyone want to reuse a pad? Simple. The benefits are endless. Reusable pads are great for your mind and body, not to mention Mother Earth. Glad Rags, a brand of reusable pads, offers an amazing selection for both beginners and the pros alike. The Glad Rag reusables had

5 Fruits You Should Be Eating This Summer


Okay seriously, who doesn’t love Summer? You’ve got sun, sand, blue skies, yummy barbecued foods, maxi dresses (I have an obsession!), and refreshingly delicious Summer fruits! With all the different fruits though, how can you possibly choose which to eat?? Allow me to narrow things down a bit! Read on to learn the 5 fruits you should be eating this summer and why. 5 Fruits