Cleanse Your Body: Detox Water


Let’s be honest: it’s not easy consuming our required daily intake of water. It requires some serious concerted effort. With our busy schedules the notion can simply slip our mind. Next thing you know it’s 7 o’ clock at night and you’re hastily gulping down glass #2 during commercial breaks. (We’ve all been there).   The solution is simple: detox water. This simple technique creates a deliciously refreshing treat that

10 Awesome Ways to Reuse Your Halloween Pumpkin


Halloween may be over but the cherished “pumpkin season” has yet to come to an end. Reusing your pumpkin saves you money and creates a colorful menu for weeks to come! Before you toss your jack-o-lantern into the nearest receptacle try out  a few of these fun and clever ways of reusing this halloween staple:   1. Soothing Mask As lovers of all things masks,

How Many Meals Should You Eat a Day?

how many meals should you eat

How many meals should you eat a day? This is a question that I’m sure many people have asked themselves at some point or another. The quick answer is that it does NOT matter. Three, four, five, or six meals makes no difference to maintaining a healthy lifestyle or for weight loss. Here’s what you should know: – Eating more frequently doesn’t increase your metabolism –

DIY Odor Eliminators


Removing odors from your home is serious business. Let’s be frank: who wants to come home to a funky house? Whether the funky stench is coming from the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, there are plenty of simple DIY recipes to rid your home of those funky scents. Check out these simple DIY Odor Eliminators: 1. Tea Bags Think of tea bags as a new age potpourri.

GMOs: What You Need to Know!


GMO; an acronym tossed around more than a football on a Sunday. It’s no secret that GMOs are present in most of our food, yet how much do we really know about GMOs? Am I the only one whose wondered: What the heck are GMOs? Which of our favorite processed foods (+ home grown) foods contain GMOs? How can we avoid them, whilst making healthier

The Truth about Salt


Our world is changing. More and more of our food has become prepackaged; vacuumed sealed, stickered-up, and labelled with its nutritional facts. As a society, we have also grown increasingly concerned over the exact nutritional content of the foods we eat: calories, carbs, sugar, protein — the list goes on! We almost HAVE to become obsessed because it’s so easy to go over our nutritional