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Brown and Coconut  was founded by three sisters whose love for natural and healthy living catapulted them into creating a blog where they could share their love for treating the mind, body, and soul with the utmost care.

Brown & Coconut strives to bring awareness to simple and natural remedies for beauty, health and fashion needs.

Meet the sisters:

“Natural health and beauty has been my passion for many years. I love the challenge of trying new recipes and DIY projects! I find it so important to care for our bodies from head to toe beginning from inside out. When we truly love our body and mind we can be at peace.”

- Zeena


“Everything from the water we drink to the products we use influence health. I strive to improve all aspects of my life including bettering my health, not just to benefit me but for the earth and all people as well. By eating a healthier plant-based diet, moving regularly, and using more natural and sustainable products this can have a positive impact on all of our lives.”

- Nalani



“Fitness and nutrition are my two big passions. I like to push my mind and body a little more each time I reach a milestone or achieve a goal. A big part of total mind and body wellness is about understanding that this is a journey. There is no finish line and you will have many ups and downs along the road. There is never an end to the number of ways you can better yourself throughout your life. Never stop learning and you will continue to amaze yourself.”

 - Letisha

Follow us on our journey to better living. Peace, love, and coconuts!


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