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Oxylent: A Different Kind of Vitamin

So, I’m pretty much a mind reader (didn’t ya know?), and I just know all of you are sitting and pondering ways to spice up your vitamin intake! Well, have no fear! My sisters and I recently tried a product that we think you’ll like. Ever hear of Oxylent?


Oxylent, coming in powder form, quickly dissolves in water, is easy to swallow, and easy to digest. Is it just me or do almost all other vitamins only come in size horse-pill?

With Oxylent you get a daily dose of a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & antioxidants. In addition to all the goodness Oxylent does contain, you can be certain it is free of sugar, GMO’s, dairy, gluten, and soy.

It’s very common for products containing vitamins and minerals to have that weird vitamin-y taste (is that word? How about vitamin-esque?…No?…Well, you get the point). Sweetened with Stevia, Oxylent is surprisingly delicious, bubbly, and refreshing and comes in yummy flavors like Berry, Blackberry Pomegranate, and Mandarin.

There is also a formula for children and women who are pregnant.

Have any of you ever tried Oxylent? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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~ Letisha

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  • Shari says:

    It saved my life while backpacking through the Escalante Canyons in Utah this weekend. It is all about keeping hydrated and getting your electrolytes, minerals and vitamins. It travels well too!

    • Brown & Coconut says:

      Backpacking in Utah sounds amazing! And you’re absolutely right Shari – it’s all about hydration, electrolytes, vitamins, & minerals!

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for your review! I am here in Salt Lake City meeting with all the fab stores that sell Oxylent, multivitamin Drink and I keep hearing about how Oxylent is loved by all the people who are active as it helps with altitude, dehydration, and they love to drink their multivitamin. Thank you again for sharing-love your blog!

  • I am delighted that so many people are discovering the benefits of drinking Oxylent!
    I am the lucky Oxylent consumer for over 5 years, and my Oxtylent family is growing every day. Today my purse has a plentiful supply for a girlfriend trip up the coast of Oregon, yes !

  • Terra says:

    I totally agree about how great it tastes–way better than similar-type products, in my experience. And without sugar. The blackberry pomegranate flavor is my favorite. I add it to my waterbottle on long bike-rides along the coast here in Monterey, California, & I always bring a couple packets on the plane with me when I travel too. Thanks!

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