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Get Over It! (Your Cold, That Is..)

Colder weather usually means a dreaded COLD.  People tend to stay indoors for longer periods of time compared to warmer seasons. This creates a perfect opportunity for germs to be passed around the room! This means a you have a greater chance of catching the bug. Not only that, but some types of viruses actually travel easier in cooler temperatures which is also why people get certain types of colds during the winter. So aside from catching some extra Z’s, what’s a person to do when you find yourself under the weather??

Here are a few of my favorite ways of treating a cold:cold

1.Garlic Broth

As a child I couldn’t stand to stomach this broth, but it actually worked! My colds are typically reduced by 3-5 days by drinking this concoction 2x per day from the onset of your first sign of sickness.  What’s in this broth you may ask? There are 5 super simple ingredients!

  • Garlic (one whole head)
  • Onion (One medium)
  • Sea Salt (Sprinkle)
  • Turmeric (2 tsps)
  • Water (2 cups)

Place all ingredients in a small pot and boil until reduced to ¾ cup. Drink while still hot!


I love smoothies because they are such a quick and easy way to a major dose of much needed antioxidants. My favorite combination is to combine fresh kale, blueberries, raspberries, green apple, flaxseeds, & coconut water. This smoothie is full of vitamins and minerals that will definitely help your body become healthier and stronger. So if your thinking the only beverage to be drinking is orange juice while your sick, then think again. Ditch the oj, it is only overloading your body with excess sugar and calories.

3.Eucaplytus Showers

Have you ever felt so stuffy and congested that you feel like you can’t even function? Taking a hot, relaxing shower can definitely be a soothing refresher. The steam in combination with the eucalyptus helps to open up sinuses and relax the body which may become stiff from staying in bed all day.

There you have it! 3 simple ways to get over your cold this winter season. What are some of your favorite ways to get better? Comment below.

Peace, Love, Health & Coconuts

~ Nalani

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