Product Review: Botanique by Himalaya Herbal Face Washes

During one of our regular Whole Foods excursions I stumbled across 3 different face washes/scrubs by this company called Botanique by Himalaya. Now, you all know we can’t resist trying new products, especially if they claim to be 100% organic and raw!  Wooh!

Anyway, this company (Botanique by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare) features a variety of products from toothpaste to footcare. This family owned company is environmentally friendly and uses organic, raw ingredients in most of their products. I say “most” because I am only speaking for the Botanique line. So, lets get to the good stuff…my review.

I purchased the 3 face washes (on 3 separate occasions–I am not that much of a product junkie!!) Overall, these cleansers weren’t bad. Would I buy them again? Find out below…

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Neem & Turmeric Face Wash

Okay, you know we LOVE turmeric at Brown & Coconut just because it’s so amazing..When I saw that this cleanser contained turmeric I knew I had to try it. Turmeric is wonderful for reducing inflammation. So, what did I think of this beloved face wash? Eh. It wasn’t as amazing as I hyped it up to be. Although it is FULL of amazing ingredients like turmeric, vitamin e, neem, and sweet marjoram, it felt like any ol’  gel cleanser. I tried using it with just my hands and with my Clairisonic. Both ways didn’t really do much for me. I didn’t experience any irritation from this product but not too many benefits either.

Would I buy this again?

Nope! Don’t get me wrong–this product wasn’t awful. If you are looking for a basic cleanser that won’t cause irritation I would DEFINITELY give it a try!  This cleanser did its job of cleaning my skin effectively while not stripping it of its moisture. If you are looking for a product that will give you direct results, I’d steer clear.


  • Effective at cleansing skin
  • No irritation
  • Didn’t dry skin out
  • Good price ($8.99/5.07 oz)
  • Earthy scent


  • No amazing results

Hydrating Face Wash

After trying the Neem & Turmeric Face Wash, I wanted to give this product line another shot so I thought I would try the Hydrating Face Wash. This baby is FULL of amazing ingredients like aloe, cabbage rose extract, vitamin e, honey, lavender oil, bael fruit extract, winter melon extract, cinnamon, clove and rosemary oil. Doesn’t that just sound amazing? Well, let me tell you–this cleanser wasn’t too shabby. Not only did I LOVE the ingredients, my skin loved them too! It felt fresh and clean and just appeared so much calmer. This was my go-to cleanser after a *horrific* Oil Cleansing Method experiment gone wrong (that’s a whole other blog post…). This gel-like face wash removed the dirtiness (yes, the dirtiness) from my skin without stripping it of ANY precious moisture. My skin just felt so good after using it.

Would I buy this again?

Yes! Irritation is one of my main concerns when looking for a cleanser. I now have a go-to cleanser that I know won’t  cause any irritation while effectively cleansing my skin. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin like I do, I would DEFINITELY give this product a try. It won’t irritate your acne or leave your skin thirsty.


  • Amazing results
  • No irritation
  • Wonderful, natural ingredients
  • Lovely, organic (earthy) scent
  • Didn’t dry skin out
  • Cleansed skin effectively


  • None!
Exfoliating Walnut & Wood Apple Face Scrub

I have such a love/hate relationship with this exfoliator. I LOVE the ingredients–they can all be pronounced easily! I didn’t experience any new acne or irritation at all while using this product. The not so good news? It was rough! The exfoliator claims to be gentle but I noticed the exact oppostie. I had to be careful to not scrub too hard or too long. Even after I finished using this product, I noticed that my skin didn’t seem that much brighter. In fact, it didn’t do much in terms of removing any dead skin! I think if the exfoliating beads were just a *smidge* smaller this baby would do a MUCH better job. Despite my semi-negative review, I would give this product a try if your skin is not overly sensitive or if you feel like giving yourself a *light* (not gentle) exfoliation every once in a while.

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Would I buy this again?

No. I find that I can get a much better exfoliation by using a non-exfoliating cleanser alongside my Clairisonic.


  • Amazing all natural ingredients
  • Skin does not feel tight afterward
  • Relatively inexpensive ($8.99/5.07 oz)
  • Big bang for your buck


  • Not as “gentle” as described
  • Doesn’t do a good job removing dead skin or brightening skin


Have you tried these Botanique cleansers? We’d love to hear your reviews! Comment below! :)

Peace, love & coconuts!



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