Favorite Ingredient Friday: Watercress Pizza!

Now that you’ve tried watercress and LOVED it, why not try it on one of your (my :)favorite foods: pizza! Sounds delicious, right?


Right. While browsing the web, I found an AMAZING recipe for watercress pizza on Bon Appetit. Not only does this pizza taste delicious, but it is much healthier than traditional pizzas!

You only need 5 simple ingredients to make this watercress pizza?? Need I say more?

  • Watercress
  • Olive Oil
  • Pita Bread
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Goat Cheese

That’s it! The recipe also calls for sausage, which you can add if you’d like! Check out the rest of the recipe HERE to read step-by-step directions.

Have you ever tried watercress pizza? Comment below!

Peace, love & coconuts!


5 Reasons to Keep Fit in the Fall!

Okay so summer is winding down, and now is the time when most people feel its their chance to relax and/or deviate from their fitness regimens…


Believe me when I say, that’s the last thing you want to do because in just a few months you’ll be promising yourself and who knows else, that you’ll do better for the new year, and we all know how that story ends…

So do yourself a favor and don’t fall off the horse now!

Runner on autumn season

1) Perfect Weather

Take advantage of the perfect weather. The oppressive summer heat is fading, but the winter chill has yet to set in; the perfect jogging weather. Not to mention, the fall foliage creates a beautiful scenery for your viewing pleasures :)

If your like me, you love the smell of fall, this is also something to enjoy!

2) Bye Bye Sunshine

Another reason to get out and be active, is that the daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter, and as your daylight exposure wanes you can experience changes in mood, your sleep pattern, and most importantly Vitamin D deficiency.

3) Yucky Colds

With cold weather comes, well colds. Maintaining healthy & fit body plays a big part in helping your immune system to fight off illnesses. The colder it gets, the quicker these sicknesses seem to spread so give your immune system a helping hand and keep up a consistent workout routine

4) Holiday Waistlines

As the weather cools, there are holidays waiting at every turn! With those holidays comes candy, desserts, dinner feasts, alcohol, and ever expanding waistlines. What better reason to stick to your workout routine than to help keep those holiday pounds from piling on.

5) Summer Body Starts NOW

One imortant thing to remember is that to see significant changes to your body as a result of your workout routine, you actually have to be consistent. Changes don’t happen overnight so if you want that rock hard summer 2014 bod, you better start working out now. 😉

Peace, Love, & Coconuts

~ Letisha

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Natural Soothers for Upset Stomach

We ALL get stomachaches for one reason or another, whether it’s from a bad meal or from a night of drinking. Stomachaches are verrrryy uncomfortable and as a result I’ve worked fast to find ways to get rid of them! Here are my favorite 3 natural ways to soothe an upset stomach:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

This actually might just be my favorite of favorites!  The apple cider vinegar works wonders on my upset stomach by helping to restore the balance of acids. I actually also like to drink vinegar sometimes even before I know I’ll get an upset stomachache, like when I eat something with dairy in it. 

How to use:

You can take a shot of ACV straight up, however my throat burns and feels irritated when I do that, so my preferred method is:

  • 2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (organic and unpasteurized)
  • ½ cup water 

Combine together and drink quickly because you don’t want the acid lingering in your mouth and damaging your teeth. I follow with 16 oz of just water to get the taste out of my mouth.

2. Lemon

lemonLemons seem to have endless uses and they definitely help with stomachaches too! The acidity in lemons once again helps to restore balance in the stomach. I also love lemons whenever I feel nauseous. The smell and taste immediately eases my stomach and head.

How to use:

  • Juice of half lemon
  • 8 oz water

Combine and drink quickly (but you don’t need to drink it too fast like you need to with Apple Cider Vinegar.)

3.Tea with Mint

yogi teaThere are teas that specifically help with an upset stomach. My favorite is Yogi Bedtime tea  that I combine with crushed fresh mint leaves. The chamomile, licorice and cardamom promote relaxation and tranquility (which is the exact opposite of what I feel when I have a stomachache, no wonder I love it!). Mint also aids with nausea and upset stomach by promoting digestion.

How to use:

  • 1 tea bag
  • 1-2 mint leaves
  • 12 oz water

Crush mint leaves and place in bottom of mug. Boil 12 oz of water, steep tea bag for 5-10 minutes and enjoy. :)

Peace, Love, & Coconuts

~ Nalani

15 Ways to Treat Anxiety, Naturally!

Many people suffer from anxiety, whether it be a more serious case, or only minor anxiety. Perhaps you only suffer from minor anxiety and want to try treating it yourself or  maybe you are just in favor of seeking out natural remedies before turning to western medicine, which are often harsh with even worse side effects. In either case, below are some ways to treat your anxiety naturally. :)

Herbal Remedies Supplements

1. Valerian & Passionflower

These act as a sedative or sleep aid, but are also effective for anxiety

2. Lemon Balm Extract

Has been shown to help with anxiety, but be careful, too much can have the opposite effect, worsening anxiety

3. Lavender Oil or Hops Aromatherapy 

Hops has been shown to have a sedative-like effect, while both are effective anxiety soothers



4. Cardiovascular Exercise

While regular exercise has been shown to balance hormones and improve your mood, cardiovascular exercise can be particularly effective for treating anxiety. Aim for at least 20-30 minutes a day.

5. Meditation or Yoga

Widely known for their calming/relaxing effects on the body



6. Eat a largely plant-based diet

7. Be sure to get enough folate

8. Eat more eggs

Eggs are rich in choline and adequate levels in your diet are associated with lessened anxiety

9. Get your omega-3s

Try adding more fish to your diet, or adding an omega-3 fish oil supplement such as Nordic Naturals

10. Try not to skip meals

A drop in blood sugar can bring about irritability and worsen anxiety

11. Drink Chamomile or Green Tea

The L-theanine in green tea can help lower heart rate and blood pressure, while chamomile is also proven to have anxiety reducing effects


Other Tips

12. Practice Deep Breathing

13. Heat Relaxation

Take a relaxing, hot shower/bath or get some sun to heat up and relax the body

14. Avoid Stress-Inducing Environments

15. Get Enough Sleep!


~ Letisha

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Favorite Ingredient Friday: Watercress Shot!

Consuming the required daily amount of green-leafy vegetables can be TOUGH, especially if you feel like you have NO time to sit down to a nice meal!


Well, look no further than a refreshing shot (of watercress!). Watercress shots provide you with important vitamins and nutrients that you miss out on when you don’t eat as many green-leafs as you should: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Calcium, Iron, and Potassium.

For a nice BURST of these important nutrients, simply blend:

  • 1 cup watercress
  • A few tablespoons of water
  • Squirt of lime juice (for taste)

If you have a juicer and prefer a liquid, you can also juice the watercress.

Bon appétit!


Peace, love & coconuts!



NEW Study Reveals Fruit can prevent Aneurysm

Surprise, surprise, a new study was just released declaring that a diet that includes 2 or more servings of fruit can help tofruit lower your risk of an aneurysm. Now, the link between fruit intake and the risk of an aneurysm is of course a groundbreaking discovery, but this idea that fruits and vegetables are disease fighters and curers of ailments is really nothing new (or at least it shouldn’t be…). I must say though that it’s exciting to see the connection not just being recognized, but being backed by a study, maybe now people will take a second look at what they’re eating, and what they’re not.

Click HERE to read the full article on CBSNews.com

What are YOUR thoughts on this topic?

~ Letisha