Favorite Ingredient Friday: Watercress Pizza!


Now that you’ve tried watercress and LOVED it, why not try it on one of your (my ) favorite foods: pizza! Sounds delicious, right? Right. While browsing the web, I found an AMAZING recipe for watercress pizza on Bon Appetit. Not only does this pizza taste delicious, but it is much healthier than traditional pizzas! You only need 5 simple ingredients to make this watercress pizza?? Need

5 Reasons to Keep Fit in the Fall!

Runner on autumn season

Okay so summer is winding down, and now is the time when most people feel its their chance to relax and/or deviate from their fitness regimens… …but WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Believe me when I say, that’s the last thing you want to do because in just a few months you’ll be promising yourself and who knows else, that you’ll do better for the new

Natural Soothers for Upset Stomach


We ALL get stomachaches for one reason or another, whether it’s from a bad meal or from a night of drinking. Stomachaches are verrrryy uncomfortable and as a result I’ve worked fast to find ways to get rid of them! Here are my favorite 3 natural ways to soothe an upset stomach: 1. Apple Cider Vinegar This actually might just be my favorite of favorites! 

15 Ways to Treat Anxiety, Naturally!


Many people suffer from anxiety, whether it be a more serious case, or only minor anxiety. Perhaps you only suffer from minor anxiety and want to try treating it yourself or  maybe you are just in favor of seeking out natural remedies before turning to western medicine, which are often harsh with even worse side effects. In either case, below are some ways to treat

Favorite Ingredient Friday: Watercress Shot!


Consuming the required daily amount of green-leafy vegetables can be TOUGH, especially if you feel like you have NO time to sit down to a nice meal! Well, look no further than a refreshing shot (of watercress!). Watercress shots provide you with important vitamins and nutrients that you miss out on when you don’t eat as many green-leafs as you should: Vitamin A, Vitamin C,

NEW Study Reveals Fruit can prevent Aneurysm


Surprise, surprise, a new study was just released declaring that a diet that includes 2 or more servings of fruit can help to lower your risk of an aneurysm. Now, the link between fruit intake and the risk of an aneurysm is of course a groundbreaking discovery, but this idea that fruits and vegetables are disease fighters and curers of ailments is really nothing new