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For many, it can be tough to find that balance between what’s fashionable and what’s comfortable. It continuously raises that age old question, “Would you rather look good or be comfortable?” As fashion progresses, there are more options popping up that satisfy your want for fashion and need for comfort, especially with shoes!

Yes, those ankle strap platform stilettos are oh-so-appealing however, those sexy stilettos, along with certain flats and sandals, can cause immediate discomfort on the skin, blisters, issues with arch support, callouses and toes to appear more “knobby”. Overtime the short term issues can become long term and cause greater issues with walking as well as back and/or leg pain.

On the other hand, you may not want or can’t wear comfortable sneakers all the time. Not too many professional settings may allow employees to rock a pair of Nikes everyday.

So I have compiled a list of the shoes that bring comfort and fashion for several occasions!

Tom’s Classics


This shoe is a cross between a flat and loafer. They are sold in soooo many colors, patterns, and are unisex. Even better , the company offers vegan shoes and work internationally to provide shoes to those in need. This is a great shoe to wear when running errands around town or a casual day of hanging out with friends.

Sperry’s Boat Shoe


Similar to the Tom’s this is a flat shoe, but offers arch support for the foot. It is also available in many stores and in many different styles. Take note though, they cost around $70 per pair. This is a cleaner or more refined looking shoe is great for yes casual day trips but also may be worn in the office.

Zappos – Vaneli Serene Flats


These flats offer the best of both worlds. They have inner arch support which will allow these flats to be worn for hours and wont leave you feet achin’ by the end of the day. These are definitely perfect for the office or dressing up any outfit, even if you’re headed out for a night on the town.

Dana Davis Heels


Yes, you can still wear heels and be comfortable. Although I’ll be honest, many “comfort heels” often look like heels your super nice grandmother would be wearing. More designers are recognizing this need for more comfortable heels and designer Dana Davis has done just that.

What shoes do you have that are a match made between fashion & comfort?

Peace, Love & Coconuts

~ Nalani

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