Homemade Deodorant (It works!)


Making all natural, toxin-free deodorant requires nothing more than your average kitchen ingredients. In fact, I bet if you looked in your kitchen right now you would have more than enough to get started! Making a deodorant (that works!) may seem difficult BUT it super easy and very, VERY effective! At first I was hesitant with the idea that these ingredients would be able to

Sunburn Soothers!


Can you feel the burn? Sunburn that is. Okay, so you didn’t read my last post about using my favorite sunscreens… (just kidding! ) Seriously though, sunscreen really is the key to preventing sunburn, BUT if you don’t use it then you won’t have protection against the sun’s rays . If you made the small mistake of not using sunscreen, (or at least enough of

Got Acne? Why Fiber May Help Clear Your Skin

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The debate on whether or not acne is influenced by diet is nothing new. I’m sure we’ve all heard at one point or another that candy, soda, and fatty foods cause acne, only to be later told that there is no relation between food and acne. The inconsistent information is certainly cause for much confusion among acne sufferers, myself included. One very important fact to

DIY Makeup Remover


Removing eye makeup after a long day is not fun, especially if the non-waterproof mascara will just not budge! This inexpensive homemade recipe is the best for removing stubborn eye makeup and it contains NO harsh, irritating ingredients. Recipe: 2 TBSP Olive Oil 1 TBSP Castor Oil (BOOM, only 2 ingredients!) In a container (any type is fine) mix the two oils. I prefer to

Easy Potato Avocado Soup!

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Avocado is creamy and delicious and what better way to use it than in a creamy soup! Here is a recipe for an easy potato avocado soup! It will make enough for 4 people (less for larger serving sizes and more if served in small portions as an appetizer.) Here’s what you’ll need: 1 Red Skin Potato (sliced or cubed) 1 Ripe Avocado (mashed) 1