Amazing Benefits of Castor Oil!

castor oil

We’ve previously talked about the ability of castor oil to aid in hair growth, but what are some other amazing benefits of this oil?? Read on.. 1) Castor oil is great for the skin. It is easily absorbed which makes is a great moisturizer and if often added to skin care and cosmetic products. 2) Can fade scars with regular application and can help prevent

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

bentonite clay

My go-to detox mask has always been the all powerful bentonite clay mask. It’s one of the only masks I use that is somewhat uncomfortable to wear but it’s extraordinary  benefits definitely outweigh any tightness or redness. I usually whip up a batch when my skin is feeling particularly oily and just plain UGH. Immediately after washing the mask off I notice tighter, brighter, and

Favorite Ingredient Friday: Vinegar as a Household Cleaner!


Vinegar is one of the staple cleaning products in our home. It cleans effectively, kills bacteria and mold, and is safe! There’s nothing worse than trying to clean and you are being choked by the smell of chemicals. Here’s what vinegar can do for you: Deodorize basically anything with a stinky smell: feet, shower, toilet, trashcan, refrigerator, drains the list goes on! Unclog drains using

Detox Your Taste Buds!


When it comes to eating clean and healthy, a major deterrent is giving up our favorite unhealthy/junk foods. A diet made up of processed, chemical-filled, sodium-rich, & sugar-loaded foods has desensitized our taste buds, making the foods that are healthier for us seems bland and unappealing. A piece of fruit which is naturally sweet, suddenly doesn’t taste so sweet because your taste buds grow accustomed

Giovanni 2chic…My Latest Purchase!


New hair products are always coming out on the market. There is something for straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. I am somewhat hesitant to admit that…yes, I am a product junkie! I LOVE trying new products, however; I don’t like trying just any old product from the drugstore. I aim for products that have natural ingredients, is organic, is free from dyes, perfumes, parabens, sulfates and

How to Control Your Post-Workout Appetite!


Has this happened to? You have a great workout and soon after you finish, your appetite turns into a raging monster with a mind of its own! I can tell you that I am no stranger to this. Women more so than men in fact, tend to have a much larger increase in their appetite post-workout. So what should you do to control your appetite so that