Product Review: Deep Steep Grapefruit Bergamot Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are my weakness. Simple as that.  I love making my own at home but on those lazy days, having one on-hand is so much easier! This sugar scrub caught myr1 eye mainly because of the pretty bottle (the packaging is so appealing!)…and also the lovely description! I clearly was not paying attention to that hefty price tag ($10.99/8oz). Ahem.

Anyway, this lovely little sugar scrub defines itself as “a supreme exfoliant”. Hard to resist, right? After reading the ingredients I was even more allured! This sugar scrub only contains sugar, extracts, and oils. No preservatives other than those naturally found in the extracts.

The smell is absolutely wonderful. I can really smell the freshness of the grapefruit (maybe pineapple, too?), but I have no idea what Bergamot smells like so I can’t comment on that aspect. The smell reminded me of black licorice, but in a pleasant way. The scent is definitely more on the tropical side than sweet which is always r2refreshing!

I loved everything about this sugar scrub…until I tried it…

What did I think of this “supreme exfoliant”? I have to say I was a bit disappointed. I could feel the sugar in the scrub dissolving as soon as I applied it! After 5 seconds of light scrubbing I was left rubbing an excessive amount of oil around on my skin. I even tried to focus on a more concentrated area like my elbows and still I was left with oil. The sugar continued to dissolve before I could get any exfoliation action. To make matters worse, the sugar was not coarse at all (possibly from soaking in oils for too long). I was looking forward to getting a nice exfoliation from this scrub but that’s just not what I got.r3

On the upside, my skin was very soft after. But, I don’t think that’s from any exfoliation. The oils did a wonderful job in moisturizing my skin buts that’s all I can really say for this sugar scrub. The beautiful scent is defiantly refreshing but I think I’ll try one of their body lotions if I want to smell like delicious grapefruits/pineapples. I won’t be buying this body scrub again but I will definitely be trying other products from this company. I love the pure ingredients and the scents! For now, I’ll stick to making my own sugar scrub from scratch!

Peace, Love, & Coconuts everyone!




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